23 March 2014

Farewell and Good bye

So, this is it, guys, the journey of Whimsical Poppysmic is coming to an end.
Thank you for sticking around and joining me on this fun ride.

Come and visit me over at my new place

Cannot wait to welcome you over there!

Hugs xxx

22 March 2014

Saturday's Saying

A brand new thought is born in our minds
Growing and taking clear shape
Will you reach for our hands and believe
That we are leading you up to new shores?

(excerpt from Lunatica - New Shores)

I am sorry for being so absent of this place all week long. Life has been super busy once again and before I even knew it Friday was already here. I don't know why but time seems to be flying super fast these days. I did have some time to build my new blog which will very soon be ready to go "on air". I know now that it is time to let go of Whimsical Poppysmic for a number of reasons and I am ready for a fresh new start over at a new place. One reason of which is that I have been having awfully lots of traffic from some very obscure and dubious sites with content I don't even want to go further into at all. This traffic has been adding up, spam comments have been a daily annoyance and I am ready to let all of that go.

I will let you know when and where to find me at my new place as soon as it went live.
Have a fabulous weekend, friends!
Hugs xxx

16 March 2014

Sunday Ramblings

I had 5 showings scheduled for today. Guess how many actually showed up? One. Yep, right, just one. And none of the other even had the decency to cancel their appointment. Gosh, things like that are so disappointing. So frustrating. I mean, come on, it's Sunday. My day off. I really know better ways to spend it other than sitting here at home waiting for people to not show up. Thank you. 

I did have some showings yesterday, two of which seemed very promising. One was a young woman who intends to buy a home and the other was a young couple with a toddler who are looking to rent. We'll see how this one pans out. Hoping for it to settle fast now. Keep your fingers crossed for us, will you?! Thanks so much.

So, how has your weekend been so far? What are you up to? I am about to go get some döner kebabs for dinner because that's how we roll on a Sunday. lol What are you having for dinner? 

Happy Sunday
Hugs xxx

15 March 2014

Saturday's Saying

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs xxx

14 March 2014

The Man

A new favorite!
Happy Friday!
Hugs xxx

12 March 2014

This & That

(made this fun collage using Fotor)

First of all let me just say how incredibly happy we are about the weather we are currently experiencing! Spring has sprung and we are so enjoying long walks in the warm midday sun around our little lake here in the small village of Nassau in southern Germany. 

On a side note: Funny thing, during our time in Chicago most of our mail that was being forwarded from Germany always took a detour over this Nassau because someone clearly didn't read the entire address to where the mail should be going to and where it was coming from.

The sick bug has made yet another appearance in our household, thanks to one of my co-workers who came to work with the worst cold ever spreading her germs all over the place, who (the germs) then decided my body was a good new temporary home. Darn it. I went to the doctor's on Monday because there was just no way I was going to go to work and had to call in sick for the rest of the week afterward. Feeling a bit on the mend already, although I still have this sharp pain in my right ear. eh

If you read my post from Monday you already know that my mind is filled with blog related things like a new name, a new domain, a fresh new design etc. I am very excited to tell you that I am working on this new blog like a busy bee and hope to have it ready to show off very soon. Wish me luck with everything and be prepared for a whole new me. haha Or something like that. 

Regarding the house selling/ renting out part of our home here in Germany, we've got some showings coming up this weekend and I couldn't be more excited for this whole thing finally going somewhere. The two very interested potential buyers we had weeks ago both turned out to not be credit-worthy. Question is why in the world would they go shopping for a home when they clearly don't have the funds for it. Wasting my time and all. Thanks again for that.

I can see our big move to the US showing up on the horizon and I cannot wait for those movers to come and pack up our household once again to finally begin with our new life in South Carolina. With that being said - have a wonderful Wednesday, dear friends!

Hugs xxx

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