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04 July 2011

Sponsor feature with Beyond the Blackboard + a Giveaway

Beyond the Blackboard

Hi, I am Rachel -

I'm a teacher, and my life basically revolves around my students. This fall I'll be starting my fourth year - I taught for a year in the States before moving to Germany to teach at Black Forest Academy, an international school for missionary kids, military kids, etc. I teach middle school science and math and seriously love every minute of it. When I'm not lesson planning I enjoy reading, laughing, sipping a smoothie, sorting my massive earring collection, and documenting my life one picture at a time.

What kind of blogger are you?

I have always been a writer. I journaled religiously throughout junior high and high school, and I even wrote in those little diaries that closed with a lock & key when I was younger!! When I went away to college I began blogging on Xanga, where I wrote for my mom and grandma - aside from a few friends, they were about the only people who actually read it! My current blog, Beyond the Blackboard, has been my outlet of choice since I began teaching full time three years ago. The main purpose of my blog is to keep my friends, family, and financial supporters in the States involved in my ministry at BFA. Pictures and videos from a day in the classroom are popular, as well as funny stories about my experience as an American trying to function in the small German village where I live. I have played the role of "stupid American" more than I care to admit...

Do you have an Etsy shop?

I don't have a shop, but right now I'm in the midst of support raising for another year of teaching in Germany. [In order to keep tuition costs low for our many missionary families, BFA doesn't pay salaries. Instead, we all raise support from churches and individuals to cover our living expenses. It's hard work, but God always provides!] So I can't technically sell products for donations, but this month I'm offering special "thank you" gifts in the form of handmade jewelry for friends who make a donation to my mission, Teach Beyond. Wanna support a missionary? See this post!!

Rachel has a unique handmade pair of earrings made using beads and a pair of old diary keys - she would like to give to one of you - she is also including a bar of Ritter Sport chocolate from Germany!  

This giveaway is open until
Friday July, 8th!

Here's how to enter:

- follow Beyond the Blackboard via GFC
- follow Whimsical Poppysmic via GFC
- tweet about this giveaway adding @chrissyza,
so I can  follow your tweets

Leave one comment for each!

Good luck!



  1. Please enter me, I am following Beyond the Blackboard via GFC :)

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  5. I follow Beyond the Blackboard on GFC.


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