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28 May 2012

Me in 30 words

Somewhere I Belong


I saw this on Ashley's and Nathan's blog and I just had to copy it!

  1. Mom
  2. Wife
  3. Pet mom
  4. Blogger
  5. Coffee drinker
  6. Knitter
  7. Crafter
  8. German
  9. loving missing America
  10. Trilingual
  11. Friend
  12. Reliable
  13. Romantic
  14. love fruits
  15. Procastinator
  16. Movie lover
  17. Music!
  18. Beach lover
  19. Fall = fave season
  20. Reader
  21. Impatient
  22. Patient
  23. Honest
  24. Wanderlust
  25. Lavender
  26. Homebody
  27. Busy
  28. Caring
  29. Thoughtful
  30. Me.
I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend. Enjoy it!



  1. I love this - it's such a fun way for your readers to get to know you!!

  2. love it! i think my list would be very similar...after 1-3 :) and i'm not really german, just at heart!

  3. LOVE your list, I like getting more insight on you:)

    Patient, impatient, so so true, eh?!

    lovely you!

  4. Oh I love this, great list!

    I'm totally impatient too ... haven't yet figured out the patience, working on it :/

  5. What a cool list! And I know I've read it before, but what other language do you speak aside from German and English? That's so great that you can speak 3 different ones! ;P

  6. Yep, that sounds like you! :) At least from your blog... Lots of fun words here!

  7. Love this! It's so fun to get to know people this way. Thanks for doing this, too! :)

    - ashley


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