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04 May 2012


That's what my weekend will be for. Even though you can't really rejuvenate in just 2 days, I am so in need of a break. This week has been crazy busy at work and at home. I feel totally pooped, but in a good way.

One thing is for sure, I will definitely be sleeping in tomorrow and I will be loving it!

Leonie's birthday is coming up on Tuesday, so there are still some things that need to be done and prepared, some presents need to be wrapped. I am hoping to be able to take the day off, still waiting on that decision from my boss.

The weather has been wonderful and we have been working hard in our garden to make it look like one again. Next up is the patio,  which will be turned into a wooden deck very soon. The picture below was taken in a corner of the patio while I was taking a break from pulling weeds. There is still tons of work, our tenants did a great job in not doing anything while we were in the U.S. in the past 3 years.

One thing we finally added to our backyard is a little space for Leonie to grow her strawberries and for me to grow some herbs, so this is what the hubs built for us - I have a feeling it will not stay alone very long, already have some other things in mind I want to grow for us!

For now we planted a few baby strawberry plants (can't wait to see if we will be able to harvest some) and parsley, chive and basil seeds. I want a few more things, so I guess we will be setting up another bed pretty soon!

Looking forward to spending some hours outside in the sun this weekend! What are your plans? Do you grow your own vegetables or herbs?



  1. gardening is so fun! i tried growing herbs one time out of one of those chia pet sponge type worked really well until i went on vacation and they died. but i'm pretty sure those sponge things are cheating anyways. hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, REJUVENATING, weekend! :)


  2. I'm late to the gardening game this year. I wasn't going to do one b/c we were moving.. but now I'll probably just do some potted herbs. I use a lot of mint & basil during summer.

  3. Still so jealous of your lovely garden;) Keep us updated! And enjoy the weekend!

  4. I liked the gardening picture when you posted it on IG. It looks so neat and like it would take a lot of dedication to keep it that way!

    I grew vegetables the first year we moved into our new house with garden, and it was really rewarding. The second year I had so many pests and ended up with a really meagre harvest and I have since lost the will a bit to try again. Now all my gardening seems to consist of weeding and pruning.

  5. Hope you can get your much needed time off work! ;) Sleep a lot, relax and enjoy your bed this weekend! ;)

    Your garden looks cool! And it's awesome that you're giving Leonie some space to grow strawberries. I had a garden in Bs As but never made the most of it; I regret it now that I don't have one, haha.

    Hope to see more pics of your garden!

    Have a great weekend, sweet Chirssy! ;D

  6. I love your backyard. I wish I had a place where I can grow herbs and veggies!

    Hope your weekend is as relaxing as can be!

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