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18 December 2013

A new Day

The sunrise this morning was simply beautiful and even if the picture is a bit blurry - you can still see the beautiful colors I was driving towards. It was so pretty. A few hours later the sky was covered in clouds and we are said to have rain tomorrow. Let's just hope that won't happen because with the low temps the streets will most likely turn into an ice-skating rink in no time if it really rains. 

So, what's been going on around your parts? Are you ready for Christmas? Oh, how I despise that question. It puts so much pressure on you. I can say without sugar-coating any of it, I am NOT ready for Christmas. I have a few presents but not all of them, yet. There has been so much on our minds regarding our upcoming move back to the US, we kind of didn't even notice how close the holidays really are. Didn't we just celebrate Thanksgiving? Gosh why does time always have to fly by so fast?

What about you - did you get everything you wanted? Are you ready? Please say you aren't, so I can feel a bit better about myself, haha! Well, no matter if you're ready or not - I hope your week has been wonderful so far and you don't or didn't get sucked in by any kind of pre-holiday stress! I am surprisingly calm even though I am running out of time over here! HA

Happy Wednesday!


  1. It's swoonworthy, darling and I am not ready for Christmas yet! There is so much to do still but everything will work out in the end :) Happy Thursday, darling. xo

  2. I am definitely not ready! :) I need to get lots of groceries, some more gifts, I am waiting for some packages to arrive and I need to wrap all the gifts! Hope you will still be able to have a relaxed weekend! Hugs!


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